Some of us may have the comfort of living in the wide-open countryside, but for most of us city dwellers, the only way to remind us of the peace and quiet of nature is with an image of nature in all of its glory. Check out these amazing copyright-free images of nature! All of these images can be used as printable art on your wall to bring the feeling of peace and beauty into your home.

Feeling spunky, bright, colorful and joyful, how about this colorful spring bouquet of flowers? Or if you want to capture the feeling of lying on a tropical beach how about this somewhat abstract aerial photo of the seashore?

There are so many copyright-free nature images to choose from, you could even celebrate nature by making a gallery wall of nature images. A gallery wall is always a bold design statement so make sure to read our article on how to create a stunning gallery wall as well as our set of free gallery wall templates. And when it comes time to hang your beautiful art, don’t forget to get the ExactTac picture hanging tool, the simplest way to hang pictures and artwork quickly and easily.

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How to Hang a Picture
  • Frustration-Free Picture Hanging
  • Simple, easy and accurate
  • Works with all types of hardware
  • Built-in level keeps picture straight
  • Just place, level and hang

3 Easy Steps to Hanging Your Artwork

The ExacTac picture hanging tool is the best tool to use for quickly hanging gallery walls because it’s so simple to use. It works with all types of hanging hardware and most importantly, there’s no measuring or marking need!

Step 1

Start by placing the lowest artwork first then move out and upward as you hang each piece. Just place hardware or nails in the slots and hang your artwork on the ExacTac tool.

Step 2

Now place the ExacTac tool holding your picture frame right where you want your artwork on the wall. Keep the tool in position as you remove the artwork from the ExacTac tool and tap the nails into the wall.

Step 3

Now you are ready to hang your artwork in place. Use the built-in level on the ExacTac tool to make sure your artwork is hanging straight. It's that easy!

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